Spring in Lisbon

Grab your tissues and eye-drops!!! =D

Ah! Kidding =P Or not…if you’re like me and have these super allergies to, like, everything (!!!).

Is true that Spring is beautiful, but is also when trees bloom and here comes all the polen your way (RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!).

But don’t be scared, there’s a pharmacy in every corner and people there are amazing and can help you get the medicin you need =)

After that, just stroll in one of our many amazing gardens! For example:


Now this is one of the best places for a stroll on a Spring day. You can actually spend all day in this area (for real!), here’s how:

  • Start your morning in the famous Pastéis de Belém, it’s the best time to go there, otherwise it will be full of people and it may take over 30minutes just to taste one pastel. Have a galão (similar to a latte) or a bica (expresso) and enjoy a pastel with powdered sugar and cinnamon on top while is hot.
  • Take a walk in the gardens right accross the street, Belém Garden, and get your camera ready for some snaps! You’ll find the light in Lisbon to be quite unique.
  • Check out one of the many museums around there: National Coach Museum; Belém Palace; CCB; Jerónimos Monastery; Navy Museum or event the Planetarium!
  • Grab something to eat in one of restaurants around there: want something different? Este Oeste; fancy seafood? Nunes Real Marisqueira; ice-cream for lunch? Nosolo Italia; Portuguese steak (bitoque)? Portugália.
  • Now that you crossed the train tracks and you’re closer to the river, visit the gardens and museums on that side too! The Monument of the Discoveries is right there; so is the Popular Art Museum and a bit further down is the Belém Tower with its beautiful garden, perfect for a break on your walk.
  • Want to be cool? Get some Instagram pictures at the MAAT and grab a drink at SUD. With a sunset over the river you’ll have a perfect view from their balcony.
  • Or just keep it smooth and get those Insta pictures at the Champalimaud Foundation and have some tasty petiscos (snacks) on the terrace of Darwin’s Café.

Just remember: have fun =)


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